Model Portfolio Performance

Since Inception 5/5/1995

Model Portfolio +456%

S&P 500 +424%

Updated 5/24/2018


May 1, 2012

Position Changes: None. 

Major movements (+ or - one point or more among holdings): CH Robinson +1.08.

Basic Summary (positions itemized after daily commentary)

Relative performance (marked to market) vs. S&P 500 since initiation

This Portfolio Model   + 216%

S&P 500                + 170%

Portfolio model initiated 5/5/95, archived and marked to market daily.

Initial S&P 500 level 520.12, Initial portfolio value $520,120.00.

Current portfolio value $1,648,543.72, gain 216.95% 

These results are reflective as to capital capture and market price of current holdings, itemized below.  They do not include cash dividends, interest earned on cash balances, transaction costs, or anything else. 

Current Stock vs. Cash Allocation

$1,108,612.56 (67%) stock. $539,931.16 (33%) cash equivalents. 

Summary of Closed Positions

Total Positions  459                     Average Position

      Profit     413  (89.97%)       Percentage   +  7.19%

      Loss        46  (10.03%)           Days Held    220

      Even         0  ( 0%)           Annualized  + 11.93% 

Not spectacular, but the stock market began May with a decidedly positive session for this portfolio model, broadly based measures and the most popular averages (Dow Industrial +65.69, S&P 500 +7.91, Nasdaq Composite +4.06). 

Of some interest, the Dow is now at its highest level since December 2007.  What followed was the largest loss of presumed wealth since the depression era 1930s. 

The cyclical low was recorded March 9th 2009, Dow 6547.05.  Since then, the Dow has gained +102%. 

A primary element creating the advance is Federal Reserve policy (additional money supply) which has not yet fully worked its way into the economy.  The long term underlying positive cycle has a long way to go. Near term could be choppy and this portfolio will be moderately attuned to selling a position tomorrow (Wednesday).

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