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Since 1977 Drach Market Research has been devoted to providing investors with data and easily understood statistical applications to aid in portfolio management.  Founded by Robert F. Drach, the Drach Market Research weekly newsletter has been published without interruption since our inception, guiding investors over the course of four decades, multiple market crashes, seven Presidencies and six Federal Reserve chairs.

Robert F. Drach spent over 30 years as a regularly scheduled Market Monitor on PBSs Nightly Business Report.  His educational model portfolio was a feature of the website from 1995-2013, and can now be followed right here.

Mr. Drach was also the co-author of the High-Return Low-Risk Investment book series, copies of which occasionally surface on Amazon.

Since Mr. Drach's passing in 2012, the newsletter has been written by his son, Robert B. Drach. In addition to writing the Drach Market Research weekly newsletter, Robert B. Drach runs an asset management firm, building on the equity strategies pioneered by his father, and serves as an adjunct university finance instructor.

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Robert F. Drach, 1944-2012

We are sad to announce that Robert F. Drach, founder of Drach Market Research and renowned financial analyst, author, and television commentator, passed away on December 18 after a battle with cancer.

Mr. Drach's work was a steady data-driven voice amid the increasing cacophony of financial analysis.  While others were trying to get ahead of the curve, Bob hung back, relying on what he believed to be perpetual truths in the stock market.  For him, there was never a "new normal," just the same market dynamics that existed since he began trading stocks as a teenager.

He will be remembered for some of his boldest calls.  Following the 1987 crash, Bob appeared on the Nightly Business Report and called a bottom amidst market panic.  His newsletter portfolio avoided the collapse of the tech bubble, and most recently he called for for market optimism in the darkest days of the Great Recession.

He will also be remembered as a wonderful husband, father, and grandfather, who always put his family first.

Mr. Drach's work will live on.  Over the past several years, Mr. Drach's work featured significant contributions from his son, Robert B. Drach.   Robert began working alongside his father by stuffing envelopes in elementary school.  As a teenager, he converted much of his father's work from paper to Excel spreadsheets (the rest is still done on yellow pads).  As a graduate student, Robert worked on methods to expand on Bob's investment framework, culminating in a global equity strategy using exchange traded funds.  And for over six years as an asset manager, Robert has continued to build on, refine and implement his father's investment models. 

Robert has assumed the authorship of both Mr. Drach's newsletter and daily commentary.  While he tries to capture the spirit of his father, many readers have undoubtedly noticed the new voice he lends to these pages.

Bob Drach will be missed, but his insights into the market will never fade.